VA benefits for Veterans of the Armed Forces of the United States of America

Thank You Military

The Minnesota Vikings hosted a similar tribute on Sunday, November 11 for Veteran’s Day, when they hosted the Detroit Lions at Mall of America Field in Minneapolis.

When soldiers transition from active duty to civilian life, there are many steps that are required to ensure that each soldier receives the proper medical, and psychological treatment for their injuries as well as the highest awards / ratings that reflect the severity of any condition or injury suffered while on active duty.
To get started on receiving benefits from the Veterans Administration, click here to view a list of all the benefits and click here to sign up for an account and begin filling out the seemingly endless paperwork. Make sure that you have a current copy of your medical records before you submit any claims for a rating.

“VA recommends you appoint an accredited Veterans Service Officer to help you initiate your claim, gather the required medical records and evidence, and submit your claim.  You can appoint a Veteran Service Officer while you apply online.”

What that means is either hire a lawyer, which is highly recommended from my personal experiences with the VA, or find a local County resource like Texas Veterans Commission offices that most counties have in or near their court house.